Benefits of Choosing Lesser-Known Partners

Benefits of Choosing Lesser-Known Partners




Once a famous adage said, “No one ever got fired for hiring IBM.” The idea was, IBM was big, proven, and a safe bet. Also, it required little to no research as “everyone” was using them, especially in the early outsourcing days.

Decades later, the landscape has shifted globally, but there are still many who believe that the safest move is to hire “the big company,” believing they are a known entity – the safe bet.

But is that inherently true? Sure, large outsourcing providers have impressive client lists, large footprints, and massive call centers, but are they the best, most cost-effective choice for your business? Maybe not.

BPO solutions are expanding throughout the world as technology and infrastructure investments come to fruition. Countries like Belize, for example, have made targeted investments to build a BPO niche for their workforce, and it’s paying off. No longer is it assumed outsourcing would go to India with Guyana, Cairo, South Africa, and others growing their BPO centers.


Why choose smaller, lesser-known partners?


  • A higher level of executive attention and genuine concern.
  • Consistent performance delivery.
  • Flexibility with contract terms and daily changes to operational approach.
  • Lower cost due to lower overhead.


Many countries see outsourcing as a viable way to put young people in roles that will use their education and language skills while providing a career path. Governments are investing heavily in the infrastructure necessary to provide reliable technology, safe working environments, and attractive compensation.

As the outsourcing industry grows in these countries, governments provide incentives to companies while providing quality labor at much lower costs than “the big guys.” Outsourcing companies are eager to serve global markets to prove themselves while growing a niche industry.

Of course, vetting – or discovering – companies that are not as well known may seem daunting; these are precisely the challenges that drive the CX Partner Source team. We are experts at finding the lesser-known partners who will work harder to earn your business while providing quality talent at lower prices. Engage us to find a motivated partner to provide exceptional and individualized BPO for your unique requirements. 



Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing

Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing




When it comes to outsourcing, most people think they need to partner with Asian-based providers halfway around the world to reduce their costs. And while there are plenty of quality BPOs in that region, there’s one a little closer to home – Belize.

Latin America offers nearshore, full-service solutions without the challenges posed by distant time zones or cultural disparities. Specifically, Belize has become one of the fastest-growing providers of native English speaking agents with a strong U.S. cultural affinity, making the country ideal for customer service, technical support, and sales outsourcing needs.

One of our partners, Transparent BPO is just such a provider with three locations, each offering employees training opportunities, secure environments, reliable technology, and competitive packages. 

“I believe every touchpoint with the customer is an opportunity to push beyond the expected,” says CEO Scott Newman. “That’s why we push boundaries ourselves to ensure every person’s experience is better than the one before.” 

Since 2005, Belize has been investing heavily in its infrastructure and courting the BPO industry specifically. With strong government support, Belize continues to invest in technology and attracting an educated labor force that is truly bilingual. The workforce is young with attrition below 5% and can provide customer support, data processing, sales, and documentation services. 

Belize’s workforce can also offer information technology outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing to support companies in growing their business while keeping support costs low. 

Considered a Caribbean nation, Belize is the only native English-speaking country in the region and, as a result, has accent-neutral workers. A stable political environment and steady foreign exchange rates make Belize preferable over the Philippines. Travel time from the U.S. is greatly reduced, allowing more interaction, culture-sharing, and hands-on training. 

Your next outsourcing partner may be closer than you think when you add Belize to your shortlist of countries providing exceptional BPO solutions. Our mission at CX Partner Source is to help clients discover lesser-known, high performing partners who will deliver a better outsourcing experience – just ask!


Benefits of partnering with an advisory firm to choose a BPO provider

What does it mean to outsource? 

Outsourcing means many things depending on industry. For those with CX contact centers, Business Partner Outsourcing (aka: BPO) allows your company to focus on your core products and services, while outsourcing your contact center allows your partner to focus on your customer experience, which is their core competency. This is a great opportunity for companies to tap into a rich source of expertise worldwide. 

Surprisingly, in a society of constant connection, it’s sometimes difficult to sort through the hundreds of options to find the right service provider. You may worry that they won’t match your company’s culture or “fit in” with the brand, but don’t worry, you have a no-cost resource to help you find and contract with the partner who is the best “fit” for your needs, CX Partner Source.

company outsourcing

Why Choose CXPS? 

At CXPS, we recognize how difficult it is to find a contact center outsourcing partner. Although there are hundreds of BPO’s, finding the right “fit” is time consuming and costly. That’s why we are committed to help you find a partner who’s the “right fit” for your needs. We don’t just match you with a partner and send you on your way, we are there every step of the way from the initial connection to the launch of the project. 

We have partnered with some of the most highly regarded BPO’s in the industry and know their strengths and weaknesses, which will eliminate your risk of choosing the wrong partner. 

Our team at CXPS is constantly studying the CX industry, including emerging trends and advances in the industry, and who is leading or lagging. 

We have 30+ years of experience placing outsourcing programs with the right solution. Our collective team has advised over 400 clients on their contact center partner selection. Meaning, we’ve experienced every bump in the road. We know the areas of growth your business is capable of. We’re eager to understand your requirements and help you find the “right fit” partner – out consultation is no cost to you.. 


You are our first priority. We only care about finding the right fit for your needs.

Connecting with us to outsource mitigates the risk of choosing the wrong partner.  

CXPS is committed to finding the right connections. That’s why our outsourcing process is risk free, hassle free, and cost-free. 

Experience is knowledge. CXPS is built on 30+ years of experience placing contact center outsourcing programs with the right solution. 

Just think of us as the friend you call for advice. We’re always here to help. 

We know that times are weird (to say the least). Read more about how we are leveraging BPO partners during today’s challenging times. 

Ready To Make Your Move and Outsource You Customer Experience Program in 2021 – Reach for Us!

Ready To Make Your Move and Outsource You Customer Experience Program in 2021 – Reach for Us!



Tom Silzell

Contact center digital transformation has accelerated, which is good news for those organizations ready to take advantage of the innovations available.

With the right strategy, any company can reduce costs and improve outcomes by partnering with the right outsourcing team, armed with the right tools, blending people and applications to provide fast, friendly, and satisfying answers to questions and concerns.

Nearly overnight, all BPOs were forced to move agents out of facilities to work-from-home models, which was a herculean effort, but proved to our industry that we really can evolve and still provide a quality of service that is on par with traditional “call center” models.

Smaller BPOs were able to adjust faster in many cases, simply because they did not have to move hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of agents to the cloud – they were already using cloud and home-based agents to serve their clients’ customers in bold new ways.

They were more like fine sailing crafts changing course, rather than massive cargo ships – large enterprises which find it harder to have to adapt to change, including the major changes we have all felt this year.

The CXPS team is constantly studying the CX industry, including emerging trends, and we pride ourselves on identifying the “up and coming” BPO companies positioned to help “up and coming” small and medium companies expand.

Our offering is simple and strong:

  • At no cost to you, with no risk to you, we help you source and secure the best possible BPO for your business needs.
  • We mitigate the risk of choosing the wrong partner because who needs to unwind a relationship when the fit just is not right?
  • We take a highly educated approach to finding the right partner, based on our deep understanding of each of the hand-selected BPOs we work with, but even more so, our careful listening and learning about your business and how CX supports your revenue and expansion goals.
  • We bring forward a sterling network of partners from around the world, with solutions for any region, vertical industry, and omnichannel requirements.
  • Finally, we advise through every step of the process, including ongoing support after you set up your agreement with the best possible BPO and get the relationship and programs up and running.

What better way to kick off the new year than with a newly energized and intelligent approach to serving customers? Can we reduce costs? Yes. Can we improve outcomes? Yes. And can we help your organization with sustainable CX solutions? Absolutely! In fact, there is nothing we enjoy more than building relationships with companies like yours and the finest boutique BPOs in the world.

Where will your business be at the end of 2021? We have some ideas on how we can help you drive towards a successful and prosperous twelve months ahead.