When should you outsource your contact center?

When should you outsource your contact center?


APRIL 2021


If you’re considering outsourcing your contact center, you may be wondering if it’s the right time. Outsourcing helps companies of all sizes reduce cost, mitigate risk, scale up and down based on need, and reduce capital investment which can be used for other things.

Outsourcing is growing to become a betterment to companies everywhere- no matter if you need 5 agents or 500. Thanks to advancements in technology which offers the ability to reduce contacts, leverage worldwide lower-cost labor, and focus on your core business. utilizing outsourcing has become easier than ever. 

How do you know if it’s the right time to outsource? Well, here are a few questions to call on. 

  •  Are you trying to build momentum? 

Anyone that has led a business knows the anticipation that comes when things really start rolling. However, growing fast brings a certain set of challenges and many businesses find that this is when they need help from a third party.

Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to gain momentum at a much faster rate than building and managing your own in-house contact center. A common misconception is that smaller companies can’t access the benefits of outsourcing your contact center because you are too small – that is wrong!

Now, smaller organizations can have the same opportunities for success as their larger competitors thanks to the emergence of smaller, more focused BPO’s.

  • Are you searching for a more consistent customer experience? 

Many teams don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with the demands of customer care, technology, or even social media marketing. More so, most businesses don’t specialize in the types of technologies they depend on to create a consistent experience.

Outsourcing gives you access to tools, technology, and an unlimited number of people to help support your growth in a variable model.

Imagine not having to worry about the details because you have a trusted team ready to manage the day-to-day experience and provide you with standardized KPIs and organized reports on a regular basis. 

That’s where we come in. We provide you with everything you need to know if you’re considering outsourcing your contact center – from the FREE quote to finding the right partner, and long after the contract; we streamline the search and increase your chances of finding the partner who best fits your needs. 


Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing

Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing, most people think they need to partner with Asian-based providers halfway around the world to reduce their costs. And while there are plenty of quality BPOs in that region, there’s one a little closer to home – Belize.

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The Philippines is back after COVID19 – see what’s happening

There’s no doubt that the Philippines has been holding the golden torch when it comes to offshore outsourcing. In the last year, however, the pandemic has taken a toll on all of us in the workforce. 

How much did it really affect this offshore location? Today we are looking at the advantage of outsourcing in the Philippines- with or without COVID. 

We first have to acknowledge the undeniable rise of outsourcing. BPO call centers have continued to grow and expand in different cities and regions throughout the country due to the admirable demand in telemarketing and customer care found in the Philippines. This has caused the market to raise prices. 

Remember, countries like the Philippines have a lower cost of living – which usually translates into lower salaries. That’s not the case here. This area is known for its competitive compensation market as outsourcing services rise. 

While COVID-19 has hindered the speed of the region to offer seamless remote-work models, the technical fundamentals of their personalized service remains. 

Nonetheless, the Philippines continues to be the top outsourcing option among its competitors. 

Scott Newman, Founder and CEO of Transparent, says “operating work from home in the Philippines since 2009 has given Transparent BPO a lot of best practices that allowed our team members to continue to serve our clients without interruption during the Covid-19 pandemic. The quality of our WFH team’s work-life balance has been greatly increased, by avoiding extremely long commuting times and lost time with their families.  This increased employee satisfaction and engagement has had a direct result in top-notch customer support to our clients.”

Bottom line: the Philippines is operating at an accelerated rate given the global crisis. To learn more about outsourcing during these challenging times or where to get started, click here

Risks of Selecting the Wrong BPO Partner

Selecting the right BPO partner can be challenging – after all, you are trusting another company with your most valuable resource, your clients. Further complicating matters is the ever-expanding lists of providers from around the globe. Getting references from colleagues can also be daunting as no other business is exactly like your own.

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom. The expanding number of BPO providers can work in your favor to get costs down and quality up, something you may have thought impossible. To help, we’ve compiled a shortlist of potential risks along with mitigation solutions.

The Risks

Loss of Control – Most obviously, when allowing another company to take over a function as precious as customer service, concerns arise. Will the partner maintain your quality? Will they handle customers as well as before? How will you transfer so much knowledge?

Loss of Visibility – It can be uncomfortable to manage people you cannot physically be in a room with, especially if your company has used in-office resources. From adhering to processes to monitoring performance, physical distance can create anxious moments, especially during launch.

Changes in Data Handling – Giving third party access to precious customer data – particularly financial or health data – comes with its challenges. Will the partner stay in compliance? Is data safe from hackers? Will all processes be followed?

Mismatched Culture Fit – When you hand over customer service, you’re not just allowing someone to field issues, you’re also asking someone to represent your brand. How do you know that another company in another country can represent your brand to your standards?

The Solution

With so many vendors scattered across several continents, it would be impossible to vet each of them and mitigate all of these common concerns. For the most part, BPO companies are excellent at their work and have been in business for many years, some decades. Their process, tools, and people are all focused on providing exceptional service when servicing clients who meet their “ideal profile” (akak – large scale).

However, this doesn’t mean that you can throw a dart and choose any partner. Teams like ours at CX Partner Source ensure your priorities match the core competencies of your partner. We have already vetted the portfolio of partners, reducing the selection time significantly and allowing us both to focus on what’s most important to your company. For instance, culture fit might be a top priority for call handling – we can help with that.

Don’t go it alone when choosing your BPO partner. CX Partner Source has a proven methodology to make outsourcing simple with our pre-vetted partners with your unique needs so you can focus on growing your business.

Benefits of partnering with an advisory firm to choose a BPO provider

What does it mean to outsource? 

Outsourcing means many things depending on industry. For those with CX contact centers, Business Partner Outsourcing (aka: BPO) allows your company to focus on your core products and services, while outsourcing your contact center allows your partner to focus on your customer experience, which is their core competency. This is a great opportunity for companies to tap into a rich source of expertise worldwide. 

Surprisingly, in a society of constant connection, it’s sometimes difficult to sort through the hundreds of options to find the right service provider. You may worry that they won’t match your company’s culture or “fit in” with the brand, but don’t worry, you have a no-cost resource to help you find and contract with the partner who is the best “fit” for your needs, CX Partner Source.

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Why Choose CXPS? 

At CXPS, we recognize how difficult it is to find a contact center outsourcing partner. Although there are hundreds of BPO’s, finding the right “fit” is time consuming and costly. That’s why we are committed to help you find a partner who’s the “right fit” for your needs. We don’t just match you with a partner and send you on your way, we are there every step of the way from the initial connection to the launch of the project. 

We have partnered with some of the most highly regarded BPO’s in the industry and know their strengths and weaknesses, which will eliminate your risk of choosing the wrong partner. 

Our team at CXPS is constantly studying the CX industry, including emerging trends and advances in the industry, and who is leading or lagging. 

We have 30+ years of experience placing outsourcing programs with the right solution. Our collective team has advised over 400 clients on their contact center partner selection. Meaning, we’ve experienced every bump in the road. We know the areas of growth your business is capable of. We’re eager to understand your requirements and help you find the “right fit” partner – out consultation is no cost to you.. 


You are our first priority. We only care about finding the right fit for your needs.

Connecting with us to outsource mitigates the risk of choosing the wrong partner.  

CXPS is committed to finding the right connections. That’s why our outsourcing process is risk free, hassle free, and cost-free. 

Experience is knowledge. CXPS is built on 30+ years of experience placing contact center outsourcing programs with the right solution. 

Just think of us as the friend you call for advice. We’re always here to help. 

We know that times are weird (to say the least). Read more about how we are leveraging BPO partners during today’s challenging times. 

Ready To Make Your Move and Outsource You Customer Experience Program in 2021 – Reach for Us!

Ready To Make Your Move and Outsource You Customer Experience Program in 2021 – Reach for Us!



Tom Silzell

Contact center digital transformation has accelerated, which is good news for those organizations ready to take advantage of the innovations available.

With the right strategy, any company can reduce costs and improve outcomes by partnering with the right outsourcing team, armed with the right tools, blending people and applications to provide fast, friendly, and satisfying answers to questions and concerns.

Nearly overnight, all BPOs were forced to move agents out of facilities to work-from-home models, which was a herculean effort, but proved to our industry that we really can evolve and still provide a quality of service that is on par with traditional “call center” models.

Smaller BPOs were able to adjust faster in many cases, simply because they did not have to move hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of agents to the cloud – they were already using cloud and home-based agents to serve their clients’ customers in bold new ways.

They were more like fine sailing crafts changing course, rather than massive cargo ships – large enterprises which find it harder to have to adapt to change, including the major changes we have all felt this year.

The CXPS team is constantly studying the CX industry, including emerging trends, and we pride ourselves on identifying the “up and coming” BPO companies positioned to help “up and coming” small and medium companies expand.

Our offering is simple and strong:

  • At no cost to you, with no risk to you, we help you source and secure the best possible BPO for your business needs.
  • We mitigate the risk of choosing the wrong partner because who needs to unwind a relationship when the fit just is not right?
  • We take a highly educated approach to finding the right partner, based on our deep understanding of each of the hand-selected BPOs we work with, but even more so, our careful listening and learning about your business and how CX supports your revenue and expansion goals.
  • We bring forward a sterling network of partners from around the world, with solutions for any region, vertical industry, and omnichannel requirements.
  • Finally, we advise through every step of the process, including ongoing support after you set up your agreement with the best possible BPO and get the relationship and programs up and running.

What better way to kick off the new year than with a newly energized and intelligent approach to serving customers? Can we reduce costs? Yes. Can we improve outcomes? Yes. And can we help your organization with sustainable CX solutions? Absolutely! In fact, there is nothing we enjoy more than building relationships with companies like yours and the finest boutique BPOs in the world.

Where will your business be at the end of 2021? We have some ideas on how we can help you drive towards a successful and prosperous twelve months ahead.

Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing

Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing, most people think they need to partner with Asian-based providers halfway around the world to reduce their costs. And while there are plenty of quality BPOs in that region, there’s one a little closer to home – Belize.

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