Benefits of Choosing Lesser-Known Partners

Benefits of Choosing Lesser-Known Partners




Once a famous adage said, “No one ever got fired for hiring IBM.” The idea was, IBM was big, proven, and a safe bet. Also, it required little to no research as “everyone” was using them, especially in the early outsourcing days.

Decades later, the landscape has shifted globally, but there are still many who believe that the safest move is to hire “the big company,” believing they are a known entity – the safe bet.

But is that inherently true? Sure, large outsourcing providers have impressive client lists, large footprints, and massive call centers, but are they the best, most cost-effective choice for your business? Maybe not.

BPO solutions are expanding throughout the world as technology and infrastructure investments come to fruition. Countries like Belize, for example, have made targeted investments to build a BPO niche for their workforce, and it’s paying off. No longer is it assumed outsourcing would go to India with Guyana, Cairo, South Africa, and others growing their BPO centers.


Why choose smaller, lesser-known partners?


  • A higher level of executive attention and genuine concern.
  • Consistent performance delivery.
  • Flexibility with contract terms and daily changes to operational approach.
  • Lower cost due to lower overhead.


Many countries see outsourcing as a viable way to put young people in roles that will use their education and language skills while providing a career path. Governments are investing heavily in the infrastructure necessary to provide reliable technology, safe working environments, and attractive compensation.

As the outsourcing industry grows in these countries, governments provide incentives to companies while providing quality labor at much lower costs than “the big guys.” Outsourcing companies are eager to serve global markets to prove themselves while growing a niche industry.

Of course, vetting – or discovering – companies that are not as well known may seem daunting; these are precisely the challenges that drive the CX Partner Source team. We are experts at finding the lesser-known partners who will work harder to earn your business while providing quality talent at lower prices. Engage us to find a motivated partner to provide exceptional and individualized BPO for your unique requirements. 



Finding a CX BPO Partner in Challenging Times

Finding a CX BPO Partner in Challenging Times




Originally published on Customer Magazine

While the country prepares for a second wave of the pandemic, many companies are preparing for what may be another shutdown and are taking the necessary steps to prepare their employees to work from home.

At the same time, many of these companies are turning to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as a solution for the anticipated contact volume growth. It is not easy to find; however, a BPO that is not only cost-efficient but delivers on their commitments. Companies often have to sift through hundreds of possible BPO Partners in order to find one that fits their needs; they must negotiate the contract, plan the knowledge transfer (training), implement the technology solution for them to manage contacts, and actually start completing the work.

In many cases, companies are not experienced, nor do they have the resources to support the selection process, which in turn becomes a hassle, and usually does not result in selecting the right partner. However, we caught up with Tom Silzell, the Founder and President of the recently introduced CX Partner Source (CXPS), whose mission is to mitigate the risk of selecting a BPO partner.

When asked what motivated Mr. Silzell to start CXPS, he said, “Having spent the last 15 years selling BPO services for several very large companies, I became increasingly aware that companies typically aren’t very savvy about choosing the right contact center outsource partner. In many cases, they simply identify the five largest BPO suppliers, who all have a very buttoned-up sales process, and never have a chance to evaluate the numerous other partners who might be a better fit.”

By launching CX Partner Source, Silzell is creating a no-cost solution to companies who are considering outsourcing their contact center. CXPS has vetted hundreds of BPO providers and categorized them based on their size, geographic footprint, channel capability, vertical experience, and overall approach to managing their client relationships. “There are so many mid-size outsourcing companies out there who the same level of market visibility does not have due to their size,” Silzell said. “We want to make sure buyers of contact center outsourcing services know what options are out there and, based on their need, have the chance to review those suppliers.”

While Silzell does cite the fact that price isn’t everything, in almost all cases, CXPS can help ensure that their client is getting the most cost-effective deal while not placing their contact center outsource partner in a position to cut corners when it comes to servicing the clients’ customers.

Having spent three decades in the business process outsourcing industry, spending time both operating contact centers and selling BPO services to companies, Silzell has leveraged that experience to guide the match-making process for both the prospective buyers and the BPOs themselves. “My operational roles have taught me that it’s difficult to succeed if the agents, supervisors, and managers are not happy. So, by investing in those key positions with a balance of technology, training, data, and compensation, many positive outcomes will occur. Fast forward to my last 15 years of talking with potential clients about what they want out of a BPO outsourcing relationship; although they say it differently, it has not changed. The benefit of helping clients view a partner through both lenses is a huge advantage to the client as they choose the right partner.”

And while there are other BPO matching companies available, Silzell is confident that the experience brought to the process from both sides will set CX Partner Source apart from companies that offer similar services. “I spent 15 years operating contact centers, and the other 15 years selling BPO services. It takes me about 30 minutes to realize if a BPO Partner is going to deliver on their commitment. Most buyers take a “process” approach when selecting a partner, add thirty years of reality to the equation. Additionally, our model allows us to support the relationship well beyond the launch. We are there to support the client and the BPO Partner to ensure success on both fronts.”

Though a perfect unison is a tall order to fill, Silzell is confident CX Partner Source can find the right BPO partners for any prospective buyer that is currently searching. “There is a good fit for every need,” Silzell said when asked how CX Partner Source will ensure a good match when recommending a BPO to a prospective buyer. “I have spent many years in this industry and know how to match clients with outsource providers. It takes asking the right questions, transparent communication, and understanding each party’s definition of success.”

Finally, when asked about the future of CX Partner Source and tracking the company’s growth and success, Silzell said, “I think the biggest indicator is the length of the relationship and growth. If our client continues to grow with their partner and gives them more business, we have succeeded.”

Benefits of partnering with an advisory firm to choose a BPO provider

What does it mean to outsource? 

Outsourcing means many things depending on industry. For those with CX contact centers, Business Partner Outsourcing (aka: BPO) allows your company to focus on your core products and services, while outsourcing your contact center allows your partner to focus on your customer experience, which is their core competency. This is a great opportunity for companies to tap into a rich source of expertise worldwide. 

Surprisingly, in a society of constant connection, it’s sometimes difficult to sort through the hundreds of options to find the right service provider. You may worry that they won’t match your company’s culture or “fit in” with the brand, but don’t worry, you have a no-cost resource to help you find and contract with the partner who is the best “fit” for your needs, CX Partner Source.

company outsourcing

Why Choose CXPS? 

At CXPS, we recognize how difficult it is to find a contact center outsourcing partner. Although there are hundreds of BPO’s, finding the right “fit” is time consuming and costly. That’s why we are committed to help you find a partner who’s the “right fit” for your needs. We don’t just match you with a partner and send you on your way, we are there every step of the way from the initial connection to the launch of the project. 

We have partnered with some of the most highly regarded BPO’s in the industry and know their strengths and weaknesses, which will eliminate your risk of choosing the wrong partner. 

Our team at CXPS is constantly studying the CX industry, including emerging trends and advances in the industry, and who is leading or lagging. 

We have 30+ years of experience placing outsourcing programs with the right solution. Our collective team has advised over 400 clients on their contact center partner selection. Meaning, we’ve experienced every bump in the road. We know the areas of growth your business is capable of. We’re eager to understand your requirements and help you find the “right fit” partner – out consultation is no cost to you.. 


You are our first priority. We only care about finding the right fit for your needs.

Connecting with us to outsource mitigates the risk of choosing the wrong partner.  

CXPS is committed to finding the right connections. That’s why our outsourcing process is risk free, hassle free, and cost-free. 

Experience is knowledge. CXPS is built on 30+ years of experience placing contact center outsourcing programs with the right solution. 

Just think of us as the friend you call for advice. We’re always here to help. 

We know that times are weird (to say the least). Read more about how we are leveraging BPO partners during today’s challenging times. 

CX Outsourcing Opportunities Continuing to Grow in Jamaica

CX Outsourcing Opportunities Continuing to Grow in Jamaica




Originally published on Customer Magazine

When asked to think about countries known for their contact centers, the first country that comes to mind may not be Jamaica. However, in the past decade, Jamaica asserted itself as one of the finest markets in the BPO industry, offering a myriad of advantages to U.S. companies looking to outsource nearshore.

First, one of the biggest advantages Jamaica has to offer is its workforce. Jamaica’s English-speaking 1.3 million-strong labor force consists of talented, educated, and motivated individuals who have a strong cultural affinity to the North American market.

Second, Jamaican based BPOs also offer the advantage of proximity. Jamaica falls in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, making collaboration with client companies more efficient. With the time differences for the U.S. market only varying from three hours to none, coordinating with a BPO during times of call volume surges becomes much easier.

Third, the proximity of Jamaica to the U.S also allows for the advantage of efficient business travel. A flight from the U.S to Jamaica is shorter and less expensive than a flight across either ocean to Europe or Asia.

Jamaica also offers a variety of economic advantages when it comes to the contact center industry. With highly competitive wage costs, Jamaican contact center salaries are roughly 40 to 60 percent lower in cost per seat than in the U.S. This leads to an overall better price for clients looking to outsource, allowing them to conserve valuable resources and reinvest them elsewhere in the CX technologies industry.

“Contact Center BPOs in Jamaica are among some of the most innovative we’ve seen in the world,” said Tom Silzell, founder of CX Partner Source, a company that matches small to medium size BPOs with small to medium size companies. “With a proven track record in foreign investment, nearshore advantages for the North American market, a highly educated and English-speaking workforce, competitive costs, and quality infrastructure, Jamaica has positioned itself as an ideal location for Business Process Outsourcing Investments.”

Joseph Fidangue III, Chairman of Iterum Connections, noted that Jamaica is an ideal country with a warm and friendly culture, saying “We chose to invest in facilities and people in Jamaica, given the quality of the leadership and agents we met there. They embrace our company’s values and further our mission to provide flexible, responsive, and creative CX solutions to our clients – and great experiences to our clients’ customers. We’ve been tremendously successful in Jamaica, and will continue to reinvest and grow in this outstanding geographic market.”

Silzell says that when it comes to finding the perfect match in a BPO partner, you must take into consideration a myriad of factors. The overall health and wellness of a country’s population and its people directly impact the availability of creative and smart employees who represent brands in friendly and professional manners.

“Jamaica has one of the most ambitious, free-spirited, and well-mannered cultures I’ve ever seen,” Silzell explained. “Jamaicans are always open to a conversation, and have such a strong sense of national pride, whether it’s the reggae, or the food or the just the beautiful weather, they love their country and their joy comes through in every conversation with customers.”

Silzell also noted that when it comes to infrastructure and technology, Jamaica offers some of the highest quality in the contact center industry. “The island has state of the art communications infrastructure, with a complete fiber ring around the island and multiple off-island sub-sea links that provide built-in redundancy and constant connectivity to the world.”

Jamaica has quickly turned itself into a haven for BPO companies. In the last five years alone, the country has set aside roughly 1.2 million square feet of space just dedicated to BPO Centers. Jamaica earmarked 15 million dollars to funnel into the industry, and in return they’ve doubled the amount of BPO companies on the island, adding more high-quality BPOs into the outsourcing market.

Is Panama the Next Big Nearshore CX Outsourcing Opportunity?

Is Panama the Next Big Nearshore CX Outsourcing Opportunity?




Originally published on Customer Magazine

To the uninitiated, Panama is not well-known for its customer service, contact center and CX outsourcing industry.

In fact, Panama has been serving organizations for over two decades, and is one of fastest growing nearshore countries for U.S. based companies.

One of the greatest advantages of working with BPOs in Panama, besides the strong fundamental relationships between the U.S. and Panama, including trade agreements and other business collaborations, is the time zone differential. Compared to contact centers on the “other wide of the world,” Panama is GMT-5, or Eastern Standard Time, so when volume surges in the U.S., coordination becomes easier than having to connect in the middle of the night.

Another advantage is the availability of educated agents who speak multiple languages, including fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The economics in Panama make it easy for BPOs there to attract and train top agents, at substantially lower salaries than are paid in the U.S., which leads to better pricing for BPO clients who are looking to conserve resources and reinvest in the latest CX technologies – which are also available from the most innovative and creative BPOs in the country.

The Panamanian CX BPOs we partner with provide a full range of services, from traditional inbound voice for general customer service applications, to highly technical help desk, technical support and specialties across verticals including healthcare telemedicine solutions.

“We identified some of the most creative and bold BPOs in the world in Panama,” said Tom Silzell, founder of CX Partner Source, a company that matches small to medium size BPOs with small to medium size companies. “The innovation happening in the region is inspiring and is part of an overall progressive culture which supports a healthy, happy workforce. They are bringing the latest live chat, screen sharing, social, video and outbound marketing solutions to their clients, and have outstanding capabilities in reporting on results and trends, which is increasingly important to successful, long-term programs.”

Silzell also said travel to Panama is much easier than having to fly across the Atlantic or Pacific on 12 plus hour flights. “Despite the pandemic and travel restrictions, business travel is still important and will be opening up again in 2021. A flight from Denver to Panama City is under 6 hours, and currently costs under $500 for coach. Compare this to a flight to an Asian country – from Denver to Mumbai, for example, takes anywhere from 1-2 days, causes tremendous jet lag, and costs thousands of dollars.”

Miro Batista Pousa, CEO of Iterum BPO Services, based in Panama City noted that Panama is a country that has averted natural disasters, given its geographic position. “While every country has its share of earthquakes, floods, fires and more, Panama has suffered many fewer large-scale interruptions than other countries. The country is governed in a quality way, with continual investments in education, networks including increasingly fast 5G which brings better quality broadband to BPOs, and a longstanding track record of building modern infrastructure. Even the COVID-19 pandemic has been managed better than in most countries, though of course everybody everywhere must remain vigilant.”

Silzell says finding the right BPO partner takes into account many factors, including the health and well being of the population, and the availability of smart and friendly people who represent brands in professional and upbeat ways. “Panama has long been known for its diverse and vibrant culture,” Silzell explained.  “Panamanians within minutes of meeting you will tell you what they love about their country. Whether they brag about the climate, the culture, the landscapes, the music and the food, national pride runs deep in Panama. Panamanian pride may best summed up in the popular Panamanian phrase, puente del mundo, corazón del universo, which means ‘bridge of the world, heart of the universe.’”

Panama is booming, especially within urban areas, where nearly two-thirds of the people live. Many of these urbanites live in Panama City and the surrounding areas, especially within the Canal Zone, which stretches from the capital city to Colón. The other most densely inhabited parts of the country are the central provinces of Herrera, Los Santos, Coclé, and Veraguas. These include the Pacific hills, lowlands, and the Azuero Peninsula, a place considered by many to be the “heart” of Panama.

Smaller is Better in the Contact Center BPO World, Some Experts Say

Smaller is Better in the Contact Center BPO World, Some Experts Say




Originally published on Customer Magazine

As working remotely becomes more and more common for today’s workforce, many companies are turning to Business Process Outsourcing of their contact center as they’re being forced to rethink where, when, and how their customer service programs will evolve to better serve their market.

For a company new to the contact center outsourcing scene, finding the right BPO partner is easier said than done. When looking for an outsourcing partner, companies often start with the largest BPOs in the market today, but with the innovation in technology and business models, there are many more options available, including working with “next-gen” BPOs who are much smaller than the industry giants.

Mid-size BPO partners often get overlooked due to their market visibility, as they are unable to promote themselves in the same ways that large-size BPOs can. This inability to call attention to themselves, mixed with the notion that a bigger partner will offer better services leads many companies to choose a partner based purely on perception. The mid-size BPO market is growing, in large part due to the availability of less expensive and more sophisticated infrastructure, including software platforms that enable these service provides to hire, train, support, and compensate talented agents who thrive in a remote working environment, while delivering personalized experiences to customers, whether live interactions, webchat, or other omnichannel capabilities.

On the surface, large BPO partners seem like the right choice to new companies looking to outsource, by leading with their staggering workforce numbers, large facilities, and impressive Fortune 500 customer lists.

The challenges start when small and medium clients are treated as the “small fish” as large contact centers prioritize the bigger clients that make up a more substantial portion of their revenue.

Mid-size contact centers, on the other hand, offer more personalized attention and service to a client, while often exceeding the quality of work being promised by a larger partner. “With a work culture that fosters higher levels of employee engagement, small and mid-size contact centers tend to strive harder toward achieving goals and providing customized solutions directed towards a client’s exact needs,” said Tom Silzell, founder and President of CX Partner Source, a Colorado-based company that specializes in matching companies with the best medium size BPO providers.

“Large BPO partners also put a heavy priority on making sure they turn a profit, regardless of the work they put out,” Silzell explained. “With massive amounts of corporate overhead and an immense workforce they must compensate, large contact centers rarely provide value-added cost recommendations for clients. It is often the opposite, as large BPO partners will look to bill clients for anything, hoping to generate the most revenue for themselves as possible.”

According to Silzell, these mid-size BPO partners are also able to offer up their services to a client at a much better rate than that of a large contact center. With less corporate overhead and reduced emphasis on solely making a profit, mid-size contact centers can provide the same quality work all at a lower cost.

“Mid-size contact centers can also provide added value when it comes to the future growth of a client company,” Silzell, who has decades of experience in the large contact center BPO industry, said. “Great teamwork and a strong relationship between the client company and the contact center is essential, and with a larger workforce, these connections are often lacking. Mid-size BPO partners that come with a smaller workforce can focus more on adequate training and give more attention to detail, ensuring more efficient work and a higher rate of customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is the most crucial part of a business, and the better a contact center partner can meet this objective, the more a client company will continue to grow.”

Overall, size is of the utmost importance when choosing a contact center to partner with your company. However, instead of focusing on the overall size as an important factor, companies looking to outsource should consider mid-size BPO partners that may better fit their needs when searching. By utilizing all their options, many companies will find that a mid-size BPO partner will offer a better client experience and that the old saying “bigger is always better” isn’t always true.